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Hello, I’m Durrell Mitchell, 53, an Air Force Veteran working in the medical field. After authoring an e-book and launching an online business, I realized I was too self-absorbed and needed to get outside myself into something else. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of volunteer/charity work to help others. Last Thanksgiving, I came up with the idea to walk a great distance for a good cause. I’ve always admired what St. Jude Children’s Hospital does, and how they do it. I decided if I walked from Sacramento, California, where I live, to the St. Jude location in Memphis, Tennessee, I could raise a lot of money for their benefit. But, I decided to take it a step further. If I walk BACKWARDS from California to Memphis, I can raise even more! So here I am, getting ready for the event of my life. I’ve been training hard, at the gym and practicing on the track.

In February, I’ll be completing my first “test-run” of walking backwards for a whole day around the track at a local school in my attempt to raise at least $10k. Then, in March, I plan to walk backwards from Sacramento to either Modesto or Oakland and raise $100k. When all goes well, I’ll start my national walk this Summer, 2018. I hope everyone reading this will support this endeavor and also be inspired to do something positive in support of whatever people or cause they believe in. Change only comes through action! Monetary donations are outstanding, and word of mouth support and your re-posts are great too. Spread the word, and let’s all try and make the world a better place – together.